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52V 48V and 36V Lithium Ebike Batteries - Samsung Cells


Samsung downtube batteries.... Charge and Go, go, go...


  • POWERFUL SAMSUNG LITHIUM CELL: Removable electric bike batteries suitable for 500W/750W /1000W/1100W motors. Built with high-quality SAMSUNG lithium cells resulting in higher output efficiency and battery life cycles of up to 1000+ times.
  • PERFECT COMPATIBILITY: Our batteries are compatible with most motor kits, for example: Bafang, Tongsheng, but are NOT compatible with the follow four brands: Bosch, SHIMANO, Yamaha, Panasonic.


Type: Lithium Battery
Fit for motor: 36V - 250W 350W 500W / 48V - 500W 750W 1000W
Cell: Samsung
36v: 20.3/20.8/22.4/23.4/24.5/25.6/26.1/28.8/31.5ah
48v: 10.4/11.6/14/13/14.5/17.5/15.6/17.4/21/18.2/20.3/24.5ah
52v: 13/14/14.5/15.6/17.5/17.4/21ah