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LED Reflective Pendant Strap

LED Reflective Pendant Strap

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LED Light Reflective Belt Strap For Sports Safety Reflective Strap Pendant Outdoor Night Running Climbing Backpacking Supplies

1. This LED safety light with reflective strap helps improve visibility and safety at night.
2. It makes running, walking, cycling and other outdoor sports at night safer.
3. It is suitable for night outdoor sports, such as running, cycling, trekking, etc.
4. It can use for bag, wrist, ankle, etc.

LED light reflective strap that can be hung on the bag for outdoor sports, help improve visibility and safety at night, suitable for running, cycling, trekking, etc..

LED Light Reflective Belt Strap Sports Safety Reflective Strap Pendant

1. This LED safety light with reflective strap helps improve visibility and safety at night.
2. Makes running, walking, cycling and other outdoor sports at night safer.
3. Suitable for night outdoor sports, such as running, cycling, trekking, etc.
4. Can use for bag,wrist,ankle and other places.

Product information:
Width: 3.5cm
Length: 25.5cm
Surface layer: cold resistant reflective lattice
Battery: CR 2032
Reflective distance: Up to 200 Meters
LED: super bright LED + light guide bar

Packing List:
1*Reflective Strap Pendant

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