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Tucker's Micromobility

Tucker Longtail Cargo Bicycle


Tucker Longtail Cargo Bicycle

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 Awesomeness meets Urban Mobility!

Power, Range, Form and Function!

The Tucker Longtail is a Beast! Built for utility and purpose. Affordability priced Tucker’s Micromobility is more about getting awesome Ebikes into our communities than we are about squeezing profits.  This said, the Tucker Longtail leaves nothing on the table…

What sets the Tucker Longtail apart??? I’m glad you asked:

Dual Batteries!
Dual Lithium-Ion Batteries: 48 volts, 13Ah+17.5Ah Samsung 2600 cell batteries – The dual battery option delivers all-day endurance and distance.  Venture into the world knowing you have a total of 30.5 Amp Hours of spark too carry your load for miles on end!

KUAKE Rear-Drive Motor

Front Suspension
Urban assault! The Tucker Longtail is built to absorb the bumps and bruises of the real world… curbs, potholes, paths, and trails… no problem!

Tires:24"*2.4 K1052
24 inch diameter with 3 full inches of thickness; these fatties as set to take you where you need to go.

Combo Torque Sensing / Cadence Pedal Assist
Super important.  Many manufactures go with “Cadence Sensing” pedal assist, but the Tucker Longtail doesn’t cut corners, providing a combo Torque Sensing / Cadence Pedal.  This setup provides a natural feel; directing electric power assist when and how you want it.

Integrated Front and Rear Lighting
Providing enhanced forward and rear visibility when and where you need it.

Reflective Logos
Increased visibility – the reflective logo-ing on the Tucker Longtail provided increased side visibility; reflecting car light back to the driver resulting is increased night safety.

Color Display with External USB Charging Port for your Phone
The 850C Big Stone Color Display beautifully displays….

Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Terko “hydraulic” disk brakes, providing enhanced performance over “mechanical” disc brakes:

  • Self-adjusting; lower maintenance
  • More powerful, more effortless braking
  • Gradual power delivery
  • Sealed system provides better performance under worsening conditions

SHIMANO 7 speed Derailleur

Longtail Cargo
Perfect for loading up your saddlebags, kids, and gear.  Check out our accessories page to personalize your setup:

Integrated Front basket included
Often an upcharge for other brands, the Tucker Longtail comes with a high-quality front basket made of think steel tubing and a quality wood decking. With a focus on utility, the Tucker Longtail is setup to carry real world, everyday loads.


Velo Saddle with adjustable Stem

KMC Chain

Integrated Fenders
To keep the mud and grime off your threads!

“Twist-and-Go” Throttle
A feature not found on many electric bikes, the Twist-and-Go throttle allows you to cruise in and around town without even pedaling.  Great for when you need to show up at work, church, or meetings minus the sweat! Also provides enhanced safety, allowing riders to go from a full stop to a full go. This is key for hill starts, or for when you need to get through an intersection.