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Tucker S10-Pro Folding Long-range Electric Scooter

Tucker S10-Pro Folding Long-range Electric Scooter

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With dual front suspension, power, integrated cable lock, large 10" wheels, lights, LCD display and NFC card. No external cables! All cabling is integrated and run through the frame. Free front basket included. Commercial grade, owner operated. Built to last!

The Tucker S10-Pro Scooter:

  • Commercial grade construction
  • 10 inch wheels
  • 3 second folding
  • Long-range - 30+ miles!
  • Integrated / internal cabling
  • Integrated NFC and physical locks
  • High-visibility front and rear lighting
  • Mountain bike inspired dual front suspension
  • 30% grade, High-power - 500w motor = climbing power!
  • Inner-cellular puncture resistant rear tire
  • Front drum brake / rear E-ABS
  • LED display
  • Free upgrade: Integrated 4 digit combination lock!
  • Now including a complimentary front basket!
  • Net weight: ~45 Lbs
  • Max Load: 250 Lbs

The Tucker S10-PRO, 500w electric scooter is designed to be your daily driver. With commercial grade construction, 13Ah battery with up to 30+ mile range, NFC card enabled lock and unlock, as well as an integrated combination lock, the Tucker S10-PRO is built to meet your needs.  Safety focused: Integrated LED front light, turn signals, and brake lights.  IP65 water resistants.  Large 10 inch wheels with dual front shock absorbers and a reinforced riding deck for a stable and secure ride.  A 500w motor, with max peak power as high as 600w, you can climb hills up to an impressive 30% grade with confidence. This is truly a commercial grade scooter, and certainly not a light-weight toy variant.  The 45 Lb weight provides a very stable platform, and allows for the high battery capacity and dual front suspension.  The larger 10” wheels allow for a comfortable and frankly safer ride. The scooter’s ability to quickly fold allows for convenient storage and can enable easy transportation in a trunk or on a bus.

LED Headlight

The Tucker S10-PRO is specially designed for consumers who travel varied distances in cities. The 36V 13Ah high-capacity battery allows the scooter to have a cruising range of 50KM. The 500W high-power motor ensures the performance and climbing power. The result is increased fun and an indispensable companion in your daily life.

The Tucker S10-PRO is equipped with high-end full LED digital dashboard, providing a clear display even under strong direct sunlight. All the riding data, such as riding mode, speed, mileage and remaining power is transmitted and displayed on the dashboard in real time.
S10-PRO LCD Display

Near Field Communication (NFC) UNLOCKING
The Tucker S10-PRO uses a NFC unlocking system, which greatly increase security with help of technology.  Just swipe your NFC care to unlock the S10-PRO.S10-PRO NFC Card Reader

Tucker S10-PRO has a quick folding mechanism, only 3 steps / 3 seconds, it can be easily folded so as to be convenient to carry, plane in your trunk, or store.

Riding comfort is of vital importance, especially on bumpy roads. The Tucker S10-PRO is equipped with a reliable dual-arm front suspension fork that can adapt to and overcome different terrains, providing excellent comfort and a smooth ride.

The Tucker S10-PRO uses brand new inner-honeycomb solid tir (rear) and a vibration absorbing pneumatic tire (front). Together with the front suspension fork, S10-PRO can provide the ultimate riding experience.

With 6 years of experience in R&D and manufacturing of shared scooters, S10-PRO adopts the same R&D standards. All core components reach IPX7 waterproof level, such as battery case, wires and connectors, with the whole vehicle reaching IPX5. 

We always put the user's riding safety first. The Tucker S10-PRO is equipped with a LED headlight that can effectively illuminate the surrounding environment. The built-in design has a beautiful appearance and protects the headlight from damaged.

The Tucker S10-PRO uses an integrated LED tail light group, including tail light, brake light, and turn signal. When braking, the tail light on both sides illuminate in a bright steady state.  When the turn signal is applied, the corresponding side flashes continuously, ensuring that the rear of the S10-PRO can clearly identify the riding status and ensure riding safety.

Double security! In addition to the NFC lock/unlock, your beloved Tucker S10 PRO include a physical combination lock. The exquisite and practical combination lock allows you to securely park without unnecessary worries.
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